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Auchentoshan by Mark Dermul.

Auchentoshan is often neglected as it is ‘only’ a Lowland whisky, while in fact Auchentoshan is unique for several reasons:

1- triple distillation

2-Rachel Barrie, famous whisky creator with Glenmorangie/Ardbeg, recently joined the Auchentoshan ranks where she is already hard at work introducing new wood management (see, for example, the exquisite new releases for travel retail).

3-It is my favourite distillery J Working on this episode would be a dream come true.

4-It is one of the few distilleries where the tour is fun and informal, instead of the typical sales pitch that you often hear at other distilleries

5-The former distillery manager and head distiller Jeremy Stephens is a personal friend, so we can really go in-depth and reveal all the secrets of Auchentoshan.

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