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Springbank, the Odd distillery

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Springbank, the Odd distillery by Bram van Glabbeek.

For me Springbank is a unique distillery. Still family owned and running the whole process on site. It is not only about the local barley, their own malting floors, the Kiln, the different types of Whisky they make (Springbank, peated Longrow and triple distilled Hazelburn), the bottling hall next door, a living legend Frank McHardy, the famous whisky from old and future times…. No this is also a distillery about the Campbeltown community. Because Springbank employs local people, use local barley and do the whole production process in Campbeltown they really mean something for the locals in the former whiskycapital of the world.

This can be the story about whisky and the people making it. How Springbank survived in a town which had once more than 30 official distilleries. How they made legendary whisky in the sixties. How Springbank is surviving after hard times for the whiskymarket in the eighties. How they make fantastic golden liquid now.

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