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Clynelish and Brora – A tale of two distilleries

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Clynelish and Brora РA tale of two distilleries by Dominiek Bouckaert

Joins us for a fantastic trip on the east coast of Scotland into the small Northern Highland community of Brora. Just outside the village on your left, there’s a big distillery called Clynelish. Nowadays it’s renowned as the heart of many a good blended whisky, and highly appreciated by single malt whisky enthusiasts.
But is not that story were about to tell you. It’s the story about that other closed distillery, sleeping on the other side of the road. The ‘old’ Clynelish distillery, later gaining a huge reputation as Brora, the Islay whisky of the Highlands. Learn more about it’s exciting history. Find out how and why it became Brora and why afficionados of malt go bezerk when someone offers them a Clynelish 65 or a Brora 72.
We’ll be diving into the archives and talking to collectors. Follow us on our search for the old distillery crew and the oldest bottle of Clynelish.

Clynelish and Brora. Two names, one past.


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