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Your Golden story

Send your golden story and come along on our journey.

Yes, you can join us on our world spanning documentary tour. All you need to do is to send us your golden whisky story. If it gets selected, it will not only form the backbone of our seventh episode, but you will also be invited to come along as we turn your tale of whisky and wonder into a documentary feature.
Can you recount a little known fact of a certain brand of whisky? Do you happen the know the eldest brewery in your region? And its story? Did someone ever tell you a marvelous legend? On how whisky came to Africa? On the origins of the liquid gold? Or do you have your own applauded recipe of steak mignon with rare blended Scotch Whisky? Or an immeasurably large cellar filled with the finest of flavors, gathered from all over the world?
Then tell us, and become part of whisky legend..

We want you in the 7th episode of The Whisky Series.


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