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The Rules

Whisky Series Story Contest

The Whisky Series Story Contest seeks personal, inspiring or touching stories for the seventh episode of the series. The stories should feature whisky of course, but beyond that there are no limits. Be aware that your ideas will be evaluated by their ability to inspire or create a sense of wonder concerning whisky, its history, its culture or its production process.

Enjoy the contest!

Important: POK can repeal the contest without further notice.

Contest Timeline
Start of contest phase: March 28, 2012

Deadline for submission of ideas: to be announced

Announcement of winner: to be announced

Submission of stories

You just have to follow these steps:

1-Describe your story by filling out the provided form, make it sexy remember, we post your idea as you entered it.

2-Email additional images and attachments (optional).

3-Give it a good and short tittle.

4-Submit your story by email to or fax.

After the completion of your submission, the story is reviewed and will be posted on the website, POK hold the right to not post an entry for any reason without any further notice.



Participants of the contest can evaluate stories of other contestants in a community vote by clicking the VOTE button. POK will then choose the winner from the ten contests with highest scores. POK will take into account the feasibility, the production cost and the consistency of the idea within the whole of the series.
POK can decide not to select a winner. In that case no-one will receive the first prize. POKs decision is final. There will be no correspondence concerning the evaluation.


All ten participants with the highest score win a DVD of the Islay Edition.

The winner also wil join the crew as they film his or her story. If the winner declines to come along or is unable to join due to any possible circumstance, the winner will receive a set of the complete Whiskey Series.

The prices will be handed over by POK at the launch of the series at a time and space to be specified. The winners will be informed by mail of their price.


Contestants register using their facebook account or twitter account. It is possible to send in more than one idea. You can however only win one prize.

Terms and conditions

The Whisky Series Story Contest is organized by POK. The ideas of the Whisky Story Idea Contest will be reviewed by internal experts of POK in order to make a seventh episode of the series, inspired by the audience By entering the contest, the applicants agree with the terms and conditions.

If a story does conflict or is already exciting in the POK scripts for the Episode 1  to 7, POK will not post your entry, try something else! POK hold the right to keep its script a secret.

1. Right of use

By entering to the contest you hereby assign the right of use attaching to your contributions to the Whisky Series Story Contest without any limitation in terms of geography, time or content, which right includes the right to use, perform, exhibit, broadcast/ transmit, distribute, duplicate process amend and transfer (to third parties) as well as the right to save the contribution in any form whatsoever to POK without any further conditions and without any additional consideration.

If POK uses your story in the seventh episode, you will get accredited for this contribution.

3. Third-party rights

The participant expressly assures that all content provided by him (including pictures) does not infringe any copyright or other property rights of third parties (for instance brands or business identifiers, right at the own picture) respectively that content, for which a third-party obtains such rights, is explicitly authorized for distribution and that the content is no company secret.

4. Contact possibility

Your email address will be stored in the Whisky Series Story Contest. Your email address will be used to get in contact with you and to give you feedback on your contributions as well as for sending you product- and service information.

5. Final clause

These terms of use become effective with immediate effect. POK able to change the terms of use at any time and without giving reasons. The most recent version of the terms of use is applicable. These terms of use are subject to the laws of Belgium. Exclusive jurisdiction for all and any disputes is Ghent. The information you provide with your answers will be collected, processed and used by the POK. Your personal data is used in strict accordance with Belgian data protection and privacy laws and is only intended for the POK. Processing of your data to any other parties, except in anonymous form, will not take place.

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